Google Checkout

Google Wallet Instant Buy Program Policies

1. Introduction

  1. Google Wallet definition

    Google Wallet offers your buyers a fast and easy checkout and helps you to improve sales conversion rates on your mobile and desktop websites and for physical goods sales in your Android apps.

  2. Purpose of program policies

    This document outlines the Google Wallet policies and guidelines that help ensure buyers have a positive interaction with Google Wallet merchants. As a Google Wallet merchant, you're required to adhere to the Google Wallet policies at all times.

  3. Program policies are subject to change

    Google reserves the right to expand or edit these policies at any time. Google will also exercise its sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of these policies in conjunction with the Google Wallet Seller Terms of Service.

2. Buyer Communications and Information

  1. Send marketing emails only if buyers have consented to receive them

    Buyers may elect to receive marketing materials from you each time they order through Google Wallet. You must follow the buyer’s most recent marketing preference associated with his or her email address.

  2. Allow users to remove themselves from mailing lists for direct mail

    You must provide a clear and easy process for Google Wallet buyers to remove their physical addresses from your direct marketing mailing list at any time. You must cease mailing materials to the buyer’s physical address within 90 days of receiving the request.

  3. Do not sell or rent buyer information acquired through Google Wallet

    You may not sell or rent buyer information acquired through Google Wallet to third parties at any time.

  4. Do not send correspondence to buyers that welcomes them to Google Wallet

    You may not send any correspondence to Google Wallet buyers that states or implies that you are receiving them into the Google Wallet program.

3. Coupons and Promotions

  1. Ability to enter coupon codes must be available to buyers using Google Wallet

    If you accept coupons on your website, you must allow buyers to provide coupon code information after the Google Wallet checkout process, prior to final submission of their order.

4. Google Wallet Branding, Acceptance Logo, and Button Guidelines

  1. Follow Brand Guidelines as defined in Developer Documentation

    You must follow the guidelines as outlined in our Mobile & Desktop Web Developer documentation.

5. Unacceptable Product Categories

  1. Prohibited items

    You may not accept payments through Google Wallet for the sale of any prohibited items as defined in our content policies.

6. Policy Requirements for Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API

The following policies apply only to the use of Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API

  1. Prohibited Use of Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API

    Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API can only be used for the sale of merchandise, goods or services provided to a Buyer outside a digital environment in the physical world. You acknowledge and agree that you will not use Google Wallet Instant Buy Android API for the sale of any digital content or services through applications, which content or services are provided through any means. For the sale of such digital content or services through applications, please see Google Play In-app Billing service.

7. Policy Requirements for eCommerce Technology & Platform Providers

In addition to the policies outlined above, the following policies also apply to e-commerce providers that have agreed to provide Google Wallet to their clients:

  1. Support Google Wallet merchants

    You must address merchant support issues related to the merchant’s Google Wallet integration consistent with your support policies for other payment options you offer.

  2. Offer Google Wallet option for merchants

    You must provide a way for new and existing merchants to sign up for Google Wallet. The size and position of the Google Wallet option must be equal to the most visible option you display.

  3. Accept terms of use

    Google reserves the right to review and approve any website copy that references Google Wallet. You must remove or modify pages that Google finds inconsistent with the user experience goals and branding requirements of the Google Wallet program.